Project Showcase

Here are some of our Projects

A simple solution is not necessarily a good solution... But a good solution is always simple!

Plate rotator

Chain conveyor

Roller conveyor assembly line

Automatic clips montage

Conveyor for feeding a robot

Assembly line for profiles

Assembly line for windows

Triple chain conveyor

Double chain conveyor

Montage table

Aluminum wagons for profiles

Milling machine for window components

Robot for feeding of milling and sanding machine

Wagon transport

Automatic montage of hinges

Furniture packing line

Special conveyor for labelling

Roller conveyor

Stripping machine for big cables

CNC Machine for Cobber processing

Conveyor for stairs montage

Automatic cutting of profiles

Montage equipment

Waste conveyor

Montage equipment for windows

Heavy duty conveyors

Montage line for Doors

Press for alu/wood windows

Loader for molding line

Roller conveyor with angular transfer

Fixture for grinding robot

Simple roller conveyor

Fire exit solution for window montage line

Window montage line

Fire exit for window montage line

Automatic line for wooden panels

Roller conveyor

Angular transfer incl. rotation

Feeder for profile sander

Milling machine for window components

Inspection line for panel

Handling of door component

Automatic handling of doorframes in between CNC machines

Handling of door components

Feeding of door components

Canban shelves for montage

Information and tool stand for montage

Montage of big windows

Roller conveyor – tooth belt driven

Door montage line

Automatic window montage line

Window montage

Chain conveyor

Plastic tube winder

Label dispenser

HVAC unit – Atex proof

Automatic line for filter bags

Roller conveyors for minus 25 degrees

Pallet handling

Welding machine for filters

Pallet handling

Pallet handling

Return system for planed parts

Handling equipment for Windows

Packing line for big pallets

Curved roller conveyors

Roller conveyor for house elements

Big stainless tank ø3000x6000

Feeder for 4 different profiles for automat saw

Automatic labeling machine in stainless

CNC Machine for Window components

Montage equipment for windows

Hydraulic feeder for molding line

Handling equipment for glas

Complete line for doing laminated construction wood

Modular belt conveyor

Swing bench for fun

Roller conveyor

Roller conveyor

Handling equipment for automotive glass

Plate rotator

Robot cell for modular belt assembly

Conveyor with light under the belt for vision

Modular belt conveyor

Special belt conveyor

Rubber conveyor for fertilizer

Straw Conveyor

Part of production line

Part of production line