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A simple solution is not necessarily a good solution

But a good solution is always simple!

Certificate welding

Manually or by robot

Unlimited Innovation

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Gipo is a young and dynamic company and our streamlined processes ensure an easy, professional and problem-free cooperation with our customers. We focus on qualitity, and we take pride in delivering high level of service, and quality work at the right price and at the right time. Among others we can deliver production optimisation, production of specialized equipment, internal transportation and product-logistic solutions - Gipo is innovative, so name the problem, and we will find the best solution.


Quality is at the heart of Gipo, and our number #1 rule is “doing it right the first time”. Hence we have implemented “position quality charts”, which means that the product will be quality checked at each stage of its production – hereby constantly monitoring the quality and making sure to stay on time. Furthermore Gipo has gained and implemented the Quality Management System; ISO 9001:2008 which the suppliers of Gipo must also stand up to.

Responsible growth is a motto of Gipo, hence we strive to reduce our impact on the environment. At the heart of this commitment is a singular objective; continuous improvement of everything we do. During this time of transition, continuous improvement means allocating resources to respond to the new challenges associated with the process optimizing business, while continuing our progress to reduce the environmental impacts associated with the traditional metal- and machinery industry.

Our goals are designed to reduce emissions, conserve resources and enhance the company's product stewardship. Gipo is active in improving environment-related performance indicators, e.g. energy consumption per produced unit or tracking of waste separation and disposal material.

Being in the metal- and machinery industry with fierce competition and where the demand for quality, timely delivery and price are rising, require skilled, innovative and motivated employees in order for Gipo to meet these demands. Hence Gipo believes that this can only be reached by continues development of the skills of our team. Satisfied and motivated employees are an integral part of our business strategy and we continually strive to be the preferred employer in the metal – and machinery industry in our region. Employee satisfaction and safety are management priorities – and we aim to maintain a culture of high performance by providing our employees with opportunities for personal and professional development.


Enthusiasm is the yeast that makes your hopes shine to the stars. Enthusiasm is the sparkle in your eyes, the swing in your gait. The grip of your hand, the irresistible surge of will and energy to execute your ideas.

Henry Ford

Roller conveyors

Roller conveyors

The cost saving roller conveyor.

Safety plates

Safety and walking plates can easily be mounted without any screws.

Sensor mounting

Sensors and photocells can be mounted without any drilling and threading.

Cable trays

Cable trays can be easy mounted without drilling and threading.


After loosen of two screws and removing the cover, there is a full access for maintenance.

Motor on side

Direct drive on one of the rollers.

Motor under the conveyor

Drive motor SEW placed under the conveyor.

Height adjustment

Hidden easy height adjustment.



Gipo is using Solid Works 2013 for converting ideas into projects including CE marking.

Laser Cutting

Kw new Thrump laser 1500x3000x25 with automatic loading and unloading – Favor 2,5 Kw 1500x3000x20


Press Brake 4200 mm 300 tons and 9 CNC Axes – Press Brake 2000mm 50 tons 3 CNC Axes.

CNC Processing

3 Milling CNC Milling centers – 3 CNC Turning Lathes, Bar loader, Driven tools, Feeding Robot and Magazine.


Migatronic – TIG – Mig – Plasma – Automats and Welding Robot with Manipulator 9 CNC Axes.


Automatic line with pretreatment and phosphatizing WxHxL 1000x2000x3000 – line for big parts 1700x2400x6500mm.


We can assemble small and big machines – simple or complicated – usually ending with a FAT test.


We do onsite installation incl. wiring and training of operators – ending with a SAT test.

Outsource the entire production, or parts thereof - reliable quality at competitive prices!